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Slow and Steady Progress

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Here’s a little update on my attempt to get back into blogging:

  • j0432596.pngI did backup my databases today. Thus far, I have done this monthly, but would like to start doing this weekly.
  • I’ve just about updated the WordPress install and templates for all my blogs.
  • I re-designed my homepage. It still needs some work – maybe a banner and few other tweaks.
  • I have been pseudo-blogging much more the past couple weeks. I would like to transition into some real blogging, but I need to find the time. 😉
  • Traffic is an issue so I’m brushing up on my SEO (even if it’s dead). I’m totally out of the loop as the Googlemeister has changed a bit over the years. I’m back to trolling forums and have added many SEO blogs to my feed reader.

Written by DonKatCha

August 3, 2007 at 5:51 pm

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