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Here’s an update on my attempt to get back (I’m not sure I was ever there, but whatever) into a blogging rhythm:

  • What’s Happening in Detroit – I pretty much post announcements here. People are searching for what’s happening in Detroit and I’m trying to satisfy that quest. I do need a few more sources for events though.
  • Entertainment Panorama – I really am liking this one. I post here the most. I’ve even injected an occasional snarky comment here and there. I don’t want all my posts to simply be a regurgitation of the news. So I’m trying to infuse a little flavor into this blog but I don’t want to be offensive or fall afoul of copyright. Baby steps. 😉
  • Ph. Diddy – I’m not good at being a “personal” blogger but I’m keeping this afloat. I’m comfortable going a week or longer without posting.
  • Political Gallery – I’m not really feeling this but will lay the groundwork for 2008. I may be more interested then.
  • Electronics, Gadgets and Games (EGG) – Again, I’m not feeling this. I don’t care about the topic at all.

So, my next step may be to focus on my Detroit and entertainment blog. I need to build traffic, links, etc. not necessarily my strong suit.


Written by DonKatCha

July 2, 2007 at 7:06 pm

Posted in About Blogging

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